Our Core Values

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is a Christian community seeking to hear and answer God’s call to us to share, welcome & value diversity, strengthen our church family, serve others, provide sanctuary, and live through hope.


We share Christ’s love among our church family and others. We invite you to join in our Christian fellowship.


We value differences and take advantage of the diversity of all God’s children in the church’s decisions and work. Recognizing the power of diversity enhances the mission of our church.

Eucharistic Family

We continue to make weekly Holy Communion central to our beliefs and practices. Participation in all aspects of communion makes our church family stronger and further unites us within the Kingdom of God.


We recognize the needs of all God’s family and serve as many of those needs as possible. Service to others is the ultimate gift and expression of Christ’s love.

Holy Spirit

We provide a peaceful oasis of spirituality and prayer to all those who seek shelter. Our intimate sanctuary provides means for dealing with today’s world of challenges and for connecting with the Spirit.


We look to the future with positive expectations and trust in God’s mercy, providence, and love. We believe that positive expectations and hope are a self-fulfilling prophecy.